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Alexis Baranowski

Global Regents Exam Brighton HS
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Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible resources for the new Global 10 Regents Exam. It has been so helpful to have CRQs, enduring issues essays and essay exemplars readily available to use in my classroom. I also like how the multiple choice questions are organized into different categories (content and stimulus based) - this allows me to quickly find what I am looking for.

I really appreciate all of your time and effort!!

Scott Colvin

New Hyde Park Memorial JSHS
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Every time I contact Castle Learning, I am very happy with the customer support. Well done!

Alan Spieldenner

US History & Government Teacher Corinth Central School District
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Thanks to the Castle Learning team, I have recently discovered that some of the recent US History & Government Thematic Essays and DBQ Essays have suggestions and guidelines that go past the simple hints and checklists provided for some of the older essays. These helpful tips provide suggestions, outlines and even sample writing that I can use with my student to help in guiding him/her toward a successful Regents Exam experience.


I look at myself and my student as a team with a common goal of doing well on the NYS Regents in US History & Government. We use Castle Learning as a tool to help us work toward that common goal. To that end, the guidelines and suggestions help us visualize what a good essay should look like and how it should "sound." I "assign" both Thematic Essays and DBQs not as a method of grading, but so that we can work together to prepare good and adequate essays.


The help provided by Castle Learning includes suggested wording for opening, body and concluding paragraphs; guidelines on organization; and content suggestions. These all help us to work together in learning how to write a successful essay.

Lisa Blank

Lyme Central School Chaumont, NY
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I want to thank you for having such a great product! It has been great also to see how Castle Learning is constantly improving. Castle Learning is an integral part of my plan for educating my Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II/Trigonometry students throughout the year. I also use Castle Learning with my seventh grade students to help them review and prepare for state assessments. I have found that the seventh graders love it as an alternate way to practice and review. The students at my school have done very well on state math assessments. A couple of years ago, we had a 100% passing rate on the Math A exam. We also have high passing rates on the Math B exam.

I have appreciated the effort you have gone through to provide clear, concise explanations of how to solve those problems that students complete incorrectly. I like the inclusion of the screen shots from the graphing calculator. I have also found the detailed reporting on individual students to be very helpful. I have used those reports to set up individualized assignments quickly and easily to meet the needs of students preparing to retake a state assessment.

Castle Learning has been a wonderful classroom tool for me and my students. I encourage others to use this tool frequently.

Kathy Thomis

McCracken County Schools
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Just wanted to say thank you to Castle Learning. I love the new feature of being able to see the specific properties of my teacher questions. I had to search relentless to find questions that I had created in order to fix problems with my typing etc. Thanks again.

Scott Wetmore

Unatego Jr/Sr HS
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You guys are AWESOME! I hope to be a Castle Learning user for a long time – and the fact that you work hard at keeping material current and seem to find a way to continue to make improvements will help to ensure that.

Danielle Abrial

Elementary AIS Teacher South Lewis Central School District
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The Common Core question bank that Castle has available is so helpful! I can easily create assignments on Castle Learning that supplement the Common Core curriculum that my district uses.

Melissa Tripp

South Lewis Central School District
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Castle Learning is an effective tool for the classroom and home, that enhances student learning and makes for efficient assessment. Castle Learning is easily accessible to students and educators.

J. Duma

Sweet Home CSD
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This is so great ! The live chat helped so much. Frustration doesn’t ​stand a chance!

Karen Mizzi

Smithtown CSD
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Thank you! I am a Teacher of the Deaf for a district and have students ranging from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. As such I am responsible for previewing and reviewing an incredibly large and varied amount of content. CastleLearning has been an invaluable resource for me and my students. My students and I love your site and use it all the time!

Dave Kozlowski

Geneseo MS-HS
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You folks have a good business and your customer service is the driving force.

Kathy Snyder

Hilton Central School District
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Having the ability to have Castle Learning Read (with ReadSpeaker®) is not only helpful to eliminate redundancy, but it is also a huge time-saver for teaching assistants which allows me to monitor the other Special Ed. Students that are taking the test in the room. It also allows the students to go at their own pace. If a Special Ed. Student is absent for the test, the whole thing has to be read aloud on another day.

Most importantly, it gives an impartial “read” of the test, which eliminates the personal interaction/ voice inflection and facial expressions that the students know, as they work with us a lot. I guess I want to say that it is a better way for tests to be administered!

Deborah Grosser

Glen Cove Public Schools
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I always use Castle Learning and think it is the greatest thing ever! I really want my colleagues to try it out because it is the best I have ever seen. I give it for homework all the time. It saves paper. I don’t have to waste time collecting homework. Students can’t lie and say that the dog ate it. They can create their own tests and work at their own pace. I even use it to help kids after school on the questions and concepts they don’t understand. The vocabulary sheets they can print out from the questions they get wrong is also a good idea. Again, there are too many good things to list that I’d be typing all night!

Mark Lashway

Kingston City High School
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Castle Learning is a wonderful program. This is my third year using it. There is NO DOUBT this engages and raises students’ grades, especially the marginal ones.

Dr. John H. Miller II

Walter Panas High School
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Castle Learning is an incredible academic tool and one of the most useful if not the most useful I’ve ever seen.


Tom Russo

Hewlett High School
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Castle Learning is a new innovation that is the future in education. Your product is outstanding and your commitment to improve is great. Thanks for helping us educate our students.

Will Carano

Chemistry Teacher Putnam Valley High School
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Thank you for creating a great academic assessment and intervention tool. Castle Learning is far and away the best I’ve ever seen! The way I can monitor my students from so many different perspectives is what I find incredible about your software. This is a powerful tool for any teacher interested in monitoring student progress in the easiest and most efficient way possible. I also can’t begin to tell you how valuable it is from the student’s perspective [and will be as they use it more]. It transfers a lot of power to the student – the feedback on questions, the links to vocabulary, flashcards, the ability to self-create their own assessment etc… We just received training yesterday from two of your reps. I implemented it this morning and in the afternoon for two of my classes. I created a 50 question review quiz on organic chemistry. I had 39 students total taking the quiz enthusiastically in near silence (a rare event). They seemed to really appreciate the autonomy of the whole thing and took pride in what they answered correctly and in their ability to understand the hints and explanations when they got something wrong. It was a great teaching moment for me because all of them seemed sincerely grateful for such a tool.

Vishwanand Jewram

Manhattan Hunter Science High School
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I am a Chemistry Teacher at Manhattan Hunter Science High School. Castle Learning has had a positive impact on me and on my students. In particular, it has contributed to my students’ success with an increase of 30% in the passing rate on the Regents examination over the two-year period that I have been using this product. In addition to the advantages of immediate feedback, authentic exam questions, and an on-going review tool, students who have finished the course are promoting the use of Castle Learning to students that I am currently teaching.


Robert Gilsinan

Barker High School
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In addition to teaching at the high school, once a semester I am invited to discuss technology to a social studies methods class for undergraduates and graduate students at Buffalo State College. When I talk about the changes in education, I explain what a help Castle Learning is to Academic Intervention Services, now mandated by the state. I teach several classes of AIS. Castle Learning allows me to have students in social studies 9, 10 and 11 all reviewing at the same time. I don’t have to put one group on "hold" while I work with the other. All my 11th grade students also use Castle Learning. Having the program on the Internet is a big plus. Many of our students have access at home. Students who don’t have time in school to review can do so at home.


Peter Baccile

Earth Science teacher Horseheads HS
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I am an Earth Science Teacher at Horseheads School District in the Southern Tier of New York State. I absolutely love your site. It has had such a positive impact on me as a teacher and on my students. Honestly, I could write about the benefits of your web-based assessment tool for hours, since this site was indirectly part of an action research I did for my Masters in Educational Technology.

My problem statement was that inclusive classrooms are not meeting the needs of special education students in a secondary science setting. The solution is properly integrated educational technology in a student-centered, self-directed environment with the students working cooperatively and technology as the learning medium. In this setting, the teacher removes him/herself as the focal point and becomes an active facilitator.

Castle Learning was one of the tools that the students would be using in this environment. What I discovered was that "all" students demonstrated an increase in achievement in this setting — not only have the special needs students, but the regular education students as well.

Here is a list of just some of my students’ achievements using Castle Learning:

  • Students could use Castle Learning in conjunction with a text-to-speech program we have to meet some special needs.
  • Students received immediate feedback and were able to see patterns in areas of individual weaknesses
  • Even though those with needs required the most help with vocabulary, all students were helped by the vocabulary assistant and flash-card creator.
  • Enormous life skills were developed by learning how to do their own item analysis. Students learned early on how to “help themselves” to study and to focus their attention on areas of individual needs. Students began paying attention to specific questions or themes that they were missing so that they would “study” those specific areas before the test.
  • At the end of the semester, students would do an analysis of all their quizzes throughout the semester. That way, when they began to study for the Regents examination, they had data right in front of them that directed them as to where each of them needed the most help.
  • It is a new medium for taking a quiz and one the most students are more comfortable with. They are used to “playing” while on a computer. So, when they begin one of the quizzes on Castle Learning, already the stress levels are reduced.
  • Organization is often an obstacle for students with disabilities. With Castle Learning, students are able to easily organize their assignments, and homework/tests that are due, because the software does it for them.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Anyone who teaches a regents class knows that we really have at least two jobs. The first goal is to have the students grasp the concept. The second goal is to show the student how to transfer that knowledge to a “Regents style question.” Some students can accomplish both without much of a problem, but for most that is the toughest obstacle to overcome. If students learn how to identify their weakness as stated previously, then they can create their own assessments to practice the transfer of knowledge.
  • Parental involvement has increased. Although not all students can get online at home, the number of students with that capability is increasing every year. I have had parents that have been very active and either wanted to know how their child was doing or wanted to learn how they could help. Now the parents were able to log-in to their child account and see the results of their testing, see if they had incomplete assignments and observe where their weakness was. Communication between teacher and parent became much more meaningful and effective.

The conclusion of my action research found the following results for Earth Science. Keep in mind that Castle Learning was a critical component of the research; however, it was a combination of altering the teaching philosophy, classroom setting and addition of other instructional technology techniques that contributed to the overall results.

  1. Students with an IEP or 504 plan’s passing rate increased 25%
  2. Regular education students increased their passing rates by 12%
  3. Regular education students increased there mastery level (score of 85% or higher) performance by over 17%


The students are not the only ones who benefit by using Castle Learning. I have become a much more effective teacher. Like the students, the item analysis gives me insight as to how well I covered a certain topic, keeping me honest with the students and myself. I always did item analysis, but there is nothing like having the students complete an assessment on Castle Learning and receiving a "live" item analysis. Right then and there, I can determine whether I need to review certain material while it is fresh in their minds instead of waiting until the next day. Going beyond the general class, I can pin-point the individual areas of weaknesses with the students. Therefore, when the students come in for extra help, I can easily identify what I should be working on with them and/or communicate with their parents to give advice where they specifically need assistance.

Elizabeth Siriotis

Bronx Leadership Academy
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The scores for my students went up by 32% (from 38% passing to 70% passing), and I truly believe it was due to Castle Learning. Students that were not able to pass, I was at least able to show growth because of the pre and post assessments I gave them in Castle Learning. This was of great benefit to me as a teacher because I could show administrators that the students did indeed learn.

If you’re an educator, you can most likely relate to this knowledge assessment cycle (or something similar): teach; assess; differentiate; remediate; assess; repeat. Assessing students’ learning is a common occurrence in and out of the classroom, and it can require a great deal of time to assess students in a way that is relevant and effective.Time is a valuable commodity in the education world. It takes time to develop assessments, time to deliver assessments, and time to analyze assessment results. It also takes time to develop strategies to improve or modify a teacher’s instruction. We connected with Mrs. Bassett, a science teacher at C. W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville, New York to learn about her experience using Castle Learning.

Jane P. Fenn

Librarian Corning-Painted Post West High School
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Thanks for your help! As the school librarian, I have been a BIG Castle Learning advocate. I have seen how well it can be used by teachers to prepare their students, and I have seen students get some excellent practice using it. I also love the chance Castle Learning gives me personally to work directly with math and science teachers and classes whom I don’t often see in the library lab, and that increased traffic has led and will continue to lead to some additional chances to integrate math and science with library resources in other ways.


Anita Crotty

Leonardo daVinci High School
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It’s review time (or as I like to call it–making connections time) for the NYS Regents’ exam in Living Environment. Castle Learning is an excellent resource for my students and I love it. I’ve used it during the year as well… Keep up the good work, I really love this resource for me and for my students.


Kristen Teeft

Special Educator Ormsby Center Erie 2 CC BOCES
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I am a Special Education Teacher currently teaching 9-10th grade Global Studies. I just wanted to say that I really have enjoyed using Castle Learning in the classroom this year. I started using Castle Learning last year and have made it a part of my curriculum this year. Each student in my classes is responsible for answering a specific number of questions on the units being studied during the semester.

I like that the students are getting access to Regents questions and vocabulary. I also use Castle Learning to create multiple choice questions for Chapter and Unit Tests. The students seem to respond well to the questions and get a flavor of what they will be seeing when they challenge the exam.

Robbin Carlton

Project Learn Extended Day School Davidson County, NC
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I want to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication in the creation, implementation and maintenance of this wonderful technology-based tool. I work in an Alternative Education program, and my students like the delivery method and the ways in which I incorporate lessons into my own classroom. Thank you for your extremely prompt response to my concerns.

Dr. Larry Volk

Math and Science Teacher Hoggard High School Wilmington, NC
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It was time to expand my bag of tricks, so I tried the Castle Learning web site with my geometry classes. The results were so significant that my physics and advanced physics classes are using it this semester…My geometry classes improved their scores about 20%.

David Robison

Earth Science Teacher and NHS Advisor Wilson High School
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In addition to review, I use Castle Learning as a motivational tool in my classroom. Castle Learning has definitely improved my students’ test scores and given them more exposure to authentic exam questions.

Arlene Case

Math Teacher John C. Birdlebough High School Phoenix Central School District
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Castle Learning was very useful for my Math 3A students who had failed the Math A exam at least twice before trying it again this January (2002). My students used Castle Learning for at least 1 hour on 4 different days before the January Math A exam. Our results were dramatically higher than we expected. We had a 62% pass rate from these students, all of whom had been listed as failures last year! I am anxiously awaiting June when my Math 3 Regents will use it to review for the Math III exam. It is definitely one of the best programs that my school district has purchased.

Gary Lambert

Educational Technology Coordinator Beekkmantown Central School District
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As an IT administrator for the last 15 years it is heartening to know that companies like Castle Learning exist. This is not only because of their rich and constantly evolving content, but also for the stellar support that they provide to our users and our district. A perfect example of this was when our district inquired whether Castle Learning would consider exploring a means of logging on users via an individual district¹s network accounts. As someone responsible for numerous systems in our district I understand the significant work load of maintaining them. While the prospect of adding this feature presented logistical and programming challenges for Castle Learning’s team, they recognized the long term benefits would be great for districts and decided to implement it on our behalf. When you find a company that acts more like a partner than a vendor, that’s a relationship worth holding on to. Thank you Castle Learning for being that partner for us.

Beth Roemer

Administrator for Educational Programs, Literacy, and Staff Development Island Trees Middle School
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I could not miss the opportunity to let you know how wonderful Meghan Farrelly’s Island Trees training session was for the ELA and ESL teachers; she received rave reviews from the staff.

When my colleagues and I met Meghan at the NYSEC Conference in Albany last month, we knew that she would provide the specific, hands-on ELA training our staff needed. Her knowledge base, coupled with her engaging personality, was just what we were looking for to kick-start our ELA Castle Learning use.

Thrilled that she agreed to travel to Long Island to do two separate sessions, we viewed this as an opportunity not only to learn about the new materials and future offerings, but to also set up classes and assignments. The staff was extremely satisfied with the training, and they are ready to use the resources more regularly. Without such a thorough training, the resources would have remained unexplored!

William S. Locke

Superintendent of Schools Arkport Central School
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Most of our students use the program on their personal computers to reinforce skills. We have received many favorable comments from parents who have observed their children using the program at home. The parents are very pleased that we have given the students the opportunity to do this kind of work at home when time is flexible.

Frank Movalli

Principal Lockport High School
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I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your help with the staff development of Castle Learning. I believe Castle Learning played a significant role in our students performing so well on their Regents exams. As a result of their success, our school was named as a High Performing School by the NYS Board of Regents.

Only one of 76 High Schools named in NYS. Thanks for your continued support.

Daniel Johnson

Principal Wilson High School
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Thank you for suggesting we copy the Castle Learning Handbook. With the increased interest on the part of our staff it makes sense for us to have the handbook readily available.

Our involvement with you, your staff and your product continues to be one of the best bargains available to educational institutions such as Wilson Central. Your personal interest in the success of each individual student, teacher and district is one of the main reasons Castle Learning is so successful. Thank you for continuing to provide a quality product backed by extraordinary service.

It continues to be a pleasure to work with a company that puts service and customer satisfaction so far up the priority list. Schools that have not bought into Castle Learning are missing out on one of the more cost efficient, effective, user friendly academic assistance aids available.

Susan Kreisman

Principal Manhattan Hunter Science High School
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In the course of the 18 months that the Manhattan Hunter Science High School has been using Castle Learning, it has become an integral part of our instructional program. Teachers have embraced it and use it in different ways:

  • Whole class activities
  • Review activities (for individuals and groups)
  • Pre-teaching activities allowing students to analyze what they already know about an upcoming topic and what they need to know
  • Being familiar with the value of Castle Learning, I am not surprised. Two other uses have emerged and these are very exciting:
    • Guidance counselors use Castle Learning in some of their work with students having difficulty in a particular subject. The richness and friendliness of the program make them feel competent and, in consultation with subject teachers, they work with individuals on overcoming obstacles to learning
    • Parents are increasingly using Castle Learning as we promote “parents as coaches”. Like our guidance counselors, parents find that they can focus on helping their children focus and review when they can rely on Castle Learning as their “content expert.”


You know that I have been an advocate of Castle Learning
Online for some time. I am delighted to find that my staff, students and parents have discovered what a valuable resource it is.

Gina Cappiello

Director of Curriculum and Professional Development Nyack Public Schools
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Thank you. Thank You. Thank You!!!! The training you provided for the teachers in Nyack was outstanding. Both the Castle Learning Beginners workshop and the workshops on how to use Castle Learning to differentiate instruction were greatly appreciated by the participants. The workshop showed them what they needed to know in a clear, concise, and user-friendly manner.

As always, your representative has been there to help us make this product work in our schools. I wish every company we worked with had the same level of concern and responsiveness that I have come to count on with Castle Learning. Each of my requests for assistance or suggestions has been responded to quickly and professionally, and I greatly appreciate that….Thanks again for all of your help.

Anchen Schulz

Seton Catholic Central High School
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Thank you again for the wonderful resource and customer service that you provide! Our student success rate on the Regents’ Exams and the AP exams is something we are very proud of — and Castle Learning is an integral part of our students’ academic lives here at Seton Catholic Central.

Amy E. Page

Southampton High School
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Thank you for the wonderful site that really helped my chemistry students do better this year than last. I was more familiar with the program and found it easier to incorporate into year end reviews. Thanks again!

Adele Fielding

Myers Park HS, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
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I would like to mention that my class (Middle years program IB Hons) has just received their results for the NC EOC, and every person scored a 4! These students usually all score 3 or 4’s, but this is first time, all 4’s. We used Castle Learning fairly extensively, scheduling one lesson every week at the computers, and some to complete for homework (as well as in class instruction and homework). One of the things I like about Castle Learning (in addition to the obvious good questions and supplied solutions) is that it keeps track of individual student scores, and they cant “cheat” by saying they have finished, when they haven’t.

Alvin E. (Buddy) Milliken, Jr.

Parent Shallotte, NC
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Dear Professor Bill:
I am writing to convey to you how valuable Castle Learning has been in the academic improvement of my son, who has just finished his 9th grade year at Hoggard High School in Wilmington, N.C. He has made tremendous improvement this year in science and math while utilizing Castle Learning under the guidance and encouragement of Hoggard staff. Castle Learning allowed him the flexibility to work on skills away from the formality of the school day and to work at his own pace. I am proud of my son’s advancement this year in developing his academic skills with the assistance of his Hoggard mentors and your software, but most importantly, someone I love deeply gained confidence in his own ability to learn and achieve. That cannot be measured in GPA or letter grades, but as Einstein said, not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted, counts. You are doing good, important work. I wanted to let you know.


Student Brighton HS
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Thank you for providing such a powerful tool for my studying. I’m a 10th grade student and I recently created a practice Chemistry quiz in preparation for my midterm. Your questions have been indispensable in studying for tests. After teachers have given out all practice problems and worksheets, I can make these tests that always shock me with their complete correspondence to in class lessons. Thanks again for helping me reach so many great high school test grades.


Math Teacher Bronx Leadership Academy
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I just want to take this opportunity to tell you again how much your website has helped my daughter through high school. She started out in special education classes, and with the help of your website, she has passed (with good grades) all of her regents examinations. She is in all mainstream classes and is now taking chemistry. Thank you again.

Paul & Deborah Meissner

Parents Newburgh, NY
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Castle Learning Tech Support:
Thank you very much for your help with accessing our son’s account so that he can keep up with his studies over the summer. We took some sample tests ourselves to familiarize ourselves with your site and were very impressed! The hint and reasons for the answers are great tools. This is one of the best educational sites we have been on. Our son also is impressed with your site and appreciates its student friendliness.

Kathy Finnerty

Curriculum Specialist Oswego County BOCES
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My daughter attends Paul V. Moore HS in Central Square. She loves the review questions on Castle Learning. She has found Castle Learning a very valuable study tool. She uses the site frequently to review for tests, beginning with the easy questions and working up to the more difficult questions. She feels that often the questions she has on tests parallel questions she sees on Castle Learning. She is one of the top students in her class and she attributes some of her success to studying using Castle Learning.

Cuyle Rockwell

District Communications and Data Privacy Coordinator Central Valley CSD
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Thank you so much for your assistance establishing the Single Sign On (SSO) through ClassLink. You are the seventh application we have added to our ClassLink SSO - and apparently, the seventh time is the charm. The process was seamless. Ron and Deanna at Castle Learning conferenced with ClassLink to share the data needed to create the LTI application. A follow-up call between me, Ron and Deanna established the data link, verified the data format, and addressed basic questions. Castle Learning support made this effortless. Again, thank you!  

Patti Sullivan

Learning Through Technology Coordinator Hilton CSD Hilton, New York
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As Learning Through Technology Coordinator for our district, I was the primary person responsible for the trial implementation of Castle Learning last year. Now that I have some experience with Castle Learning, here is how I justify the cost to administration:

  • Instant feedback – Students know right away whether they are correct or wrong. This provides immediate learning for those who want to learn. The hints and information for each question are great learning tools that students can use with or without the teacher. When I surveyed the students, this was the feature they liked best.
  • Independent review – Students will go online and do their own practice sessions. I have one girl who isn’t officially enrolled with any teacher, yet she has been on Castle Learning already for 29 sessions. She’s my 3rd highest student user!
  • Real Regents questions – It’s our hope that by having students use actual Regent’s questions throughout the year, they will be familiar with the format and the types of questions, and will be able to process the question better to spend more time on the actual solution. This was the second feature most liked by students.
  • Teacher time – Castle Learning is fairly easy to set up and monitor. Teachers can let the computer give the feedback and scores. The teacher can focus on evaluating trends in class responses to see what topic areas need more review time for a class as a whole. Why review content they already grasp? They can even look at individual student progress for students who need extra help, a great asset for at-risk students.
  • More time on task – Reality: Students don’t like to review and they don’t like to take tests. Most students prefer doing the online questions partly for the ease of use as well as the instant feedback. The Internet is a part of their lives; something most of them have grown up with. They also like the flexibility of working on the assignments at school or at home. They can have the flexibility of answering part of the questions and then going back to answer the rest. By making review less painful, students are more willing to use Castle Learning independently.
  • Ongoing review – Most teachers tend to spend a majority of review time at the end of the year. Review can be an ongoing process of all learned topics throughout the year. We hope this will also reduce some test anxiety. Ongoing review will hopefully keep information fresh for the students so less time needs to be spent reviewing at the end of the year.
  • They like it! – I have the flexibility of working with many teachers and have access to various labs in the High School. Both teachers and students have responded enthusiastically to Castle Learning. How refreshing it is to have students who like to review!

Jacques (Jack) Monica

Director of Information Systems Central Square School District
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This is awesome! We’re amazed at how many students are on-line before school and over the weekend.

Robert Ringer

Director of Technology Naples High School
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We demonstrated three different review programs to the kids [including a well-known company’s on-line product] and let them pick which they wanted to use. Your on-line program has been hands down, the most inviting … the format and helps are great … a Great Product!

Daniel Stone

Technology Coordinator Addison High School
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Castle Learning has been very beneficial for our students. Not only has it fit into our AIS program and classrooms, the students are also using it in the convenience of their own homes after school hours.

Edina Fitzpatrick

Instructional Technology Coordinator The Norman Howard School Rochester, NY
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Our teachers and students have been using Castle Learning since 2002. Each year brings more positive changes to the web site, and more eager teachers/students take advantage of this convenient and effective learning tool. All of our students have learning difficulties to overcome, and many have found Castle Learning a welcome relief from the typical frustration of group review. Those who need additional reading support or auditory feedback use a text-to-speech program to interact with the web site and have full control over the pace of the review. Keep up the great work & we’ll keep making excellent use of this invaluable resource.

Joan Semrau

Computer Support Specialist Brighton Central School District
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It’s really great to finally find something that works this well! Technically, Castle Learning is one of the best programs I’ve ever worked with… I have worked with teachers setting up class lists and creating assignments; this too works remarkably well. Technical support from Castle Learning is terrific; they respond immediately to e-mails, yet most of the information I need is in their well written user guides.

Success Stories

Mr. Curtis Kilburn

Math teacher South Lewis Middle School, New York FULL STORY

Ms. Cathy Weaver

Math teacher Batavia High School in Batavia, New York FULL STORY

Dr. William Hahn

Special Education teacher Massapequa High School in Massapequa, New York FULL STORY

Mr. Patrick Nolan

Chemistry Teacher Malverne High School in Malverne, New York FULL STORY

Mrs. Francine Bassett

Science Teacher C. W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville, New York FULL STORY

Randy Palladino

LCS Assistant Principal Alt. Ed. Principal FULL STORY