How does Castle Learning compare to other platforms?

Quickly Create Assignments

The Castle Learning Content Team continually strives to release appropriate, quality questions for educators to use in assignments and/or tests. With Castle Learning:

  • You can create your own assignments using our database of over 170,000 questions
  • You can select “ready-to-go” assignments compiled by our educational authors
  • You can create your own, personalized databank of questions, flashcards and instructional documents (PowerPoint, MP3/MP4, URL, PDF)
  • Students can participate online from any internet connected device or offline on paper
  • You can incorporate the integration of GradeCam for paper based activities or tests

Differentiate Instruction

Each student learns at a different pace from the rest, and we understand the challenges of differentiating instruction for individual students. Use Castle Learning to:

  • Tailor assignments to an individual’s needs
  • Utilize questions aligned to Common Core and state standards
  • Analyze assessment reports to determine areas of strength and areas of improvement
  • Utilize highlighting and/or text-to-speech features for increased student accessibility
  • Mix content from multiple course areas for cross-curricular assessment

Share the Workload

Creating common assessments for curriculum departments or for school-wide deployment is easy with Castle Learning.

  • Share assignments with other teachers within the school or district
  • Create common/benchmark assessments to be published as a school or district-wide test
  • Collaborate on assessments or utilize for co-teaching environments

Grade Instantly

One of the greatest benefits of Castle Learning is the instant grading feature.

  • Eliminate hours of manual grading
  • Use data to monitor results and drive instruction
  • Students receive immediate instructional feedback with hints and reasons to reinforce instruction
  • Grade constructed response (extended response) questions online with ease

One Resource, Multiple Uses

Flexibility is an integral part of the program. Teachers have used Castle Learning for much more than homework and tests.

  • Use for classroom instruction, response to intervention (RtI), and common assessments
  • Meet Special Education (Exceptional Learner) needs
  • Flipped classroom delivery
  • Encourage parent participation in education
  • Hold class elections or student surveys

I am very thankful for all of Castle Learning’s resources. I have used the resources to create weekly math assignments and assessments. The data from those helps to drive my instruction. I also show my students how to use this as a self-study and practice tool. I have numerous students who now utilize the resources for multiple classes as a way to practice and study skills and topics. Castle Learning is one of the most valuable tools I have at my disposal. It is very user friendly and allows me to create assignments with ease. I can differentiate assignments based on individual student needs. I would highly recommend this to all teachers!

Pamela Warner Math Teacher Panama CSD

I have watched and heard of colleagues using Castle Learning for several years. I wanted to use it this year in my math class. I found out that we usually only had accounts for specific grade levels, and one of those was not 7th grade. I asked our Assistant Principal about it and he did some research and learned of a way to have an account for everyone and so believe they even saved money this way!! I incorporated Castle Learning into my AIS classes for students to practice skills! I even had plans for Castle Learning practice for regular class time to prepare students for their State test... which as we know, didn’t need them. My goal is to get all of our incoming 7th graders accounts to start using CL for practice during our hybrid model of learning!

Tracy Kutz 7th Grade Math Teacher Bainbridge-Guilford HS

I use Castle Learning to develop my own questions with personal feedback that sounds like me. I am witty and the students know that these are my explanations on the feedback. I make them laugh at their mistakes as I guide them to the correct answer.

Sally B. Mitchell Teacher Rye HS

I was introduced to Castle Learning about four years ago by my administration team as we use Chromebooks in daily instruction. I absolutely love the function where I can set a mastery grade as students only need to retake the questions that they didn't understand in the last version. There is such a wealth of questions that teachers can select from. I can't wait to use it this year again with my students for everything from formative to summative assessment. Thank you!

Stephanie Schaefer Math & Computer Science Teacher Seton Catholic Central

Castle Learning has been a lifesaver during Distance Learning. I started using Castle Learning before March 2019 but didn’t fully utilize it until Distance Learning went into effect. There are endless possibilities to differentiate, assess, and help facilitate learning. One of my favorite features about Castle Learning is that I can call and instantly speak to a real person and not a machine to help me navigate the system.

Sarah McGovern Special Education Teacher Yonkers Roosevelt HS

Castle Learning has been a very handy tool for me because I teach bilingual kids, and most of the material is available in both English and Spanish. Features such as the ability to communicate with kids, assess students, and provide feedback right away are awesome to have at our disposal. The various modes of instruction and the read-aloud features are so helpful to the children that I teach. As we can imagine, Castle Learning will literally be a lifesaver when we are all in remote learning. Instruction for kids in truly meaningful ways is only a click away with Castle Learning.

Jeffrey Negron History Teacher Roosevelt High School

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