How does Castle Learning compare to other platforms?

Quickly Create Assignments

The Castle Learning Content Team continually strives to release appropriate, quality questions for educators to use in assignments and/or tests. With Castle Learning:

  • You can create your own assignments using our database of over 170,000 questions
  • You can select “ready-to-go” assignments compiled by our educational authors
  • You can create your own, personalized databank of questions, flashcards and instructional documents (PowerPoint, MP3/MP4, URL, PDF)
  • Students can participate online from any internet connected device or offline on paper

Differentiate Instruction

Each student learns at a different pace from the rest, and we understand the challenges of differentiating instruction for individual students. Use Castle Learning to:

  • Tailor assignments to an individual’s needs
  • Utilize questions aligned to Common Core and state standards
  • Analyze assessment reports to determine areas of strength and areas of improvement
  • Utilize highlighting and/or text-to-speech features for increased student accessibility
  • Mix content from multiple course areas for cross-curricular assessment

Share the Workload

Creating common assessments for curriculum departments or for school-wide deployment is easy with Castle Learning.

  • Share assignments with other teachers within the school or district
  • Create common/benchmark assessments to be published as a school or district-wide test
  • Collaborate on assessments or utilize for co-teaching environments

Grade Instantly

One of the greatest benefits of Castle Learning is the instant grading feature.

  • Eliminate hours of manual grading
  • Use data to monitor results and drive instruction
  • Students receive immediate instructional feedback with hints and reasons to reinforce instruction
  • Grade constructed response (extended response) questions online with ease

One Resource, Multiple Uses

Flexibility is an integral part of the program. Teachers have used Castle Learning for much more than homework and tests.

  • Use for classroom instruction, response to intervention (RtI), and common assessments
  • Meet Special Education (Exceptional Learner) needs
  • Flipped classroom delivery
  • Encourage parent participation in education
  • Hold class elections or student surveys

I use Castle Learning in a variety of different ways. We use Castle Learning by topic to review and I love that you can select specific learning standards and topics to create assignments. We also develop assessments on particular topics and I love being able to select specific terms to search for questions. I also use it to differentiate my review for students; for example if I have a student with reading comprehension difficulty then I can go through and select reading passages for that student to practice with. I also love that there are multiple review assignments for each topic so that if a student doesn't do well on a particular topic standard, I can easily give a retest. My students love that there are actual practice Regents available so that they can take a couple of practice tests before the real thing.

Pamela Carnes Teacher Southwestern Central HS

I actually can't think of a single suggestion to improve Castle Learning!!!! I absolutely love how it gives hints if the child is wrong then explains right & wrong answers. It works beautifully for grammar & punctuation skills & check-ins. It grades itself & even tells you if the child got it right on the 2nd try (I make those 1/2 credit once I start counting the grades). I love it just the way it is!!

Gina Scaglione Teacher Comsewogue John F. Kennedy MS

You all have been so helpful in a very challenging year. I really appreciate the support!

Rita-Marie Krepela Teacher Patchogue-Medford School District

There are very few things that have been as consistent about my teaching as Castle Learning. Castle Learning has continued to provide me and my students the ability to access a seemingly endless supply of questions aligned with our standards and the state exam, and the resources to use the results in meaningful ways to help my students get what they need and to fill in gaps in my instruction. The data collection that once took teachers hours and hours of manual work, Castle Learning can do in mere seconds. When we do our annual assessment of technology-based resources, Castle Learning is automatically placed in the must-have category, it does not even require a discussion.

John Cain History Teacher Copenhagen HS

Thank goodness for Castle Learning during remote learning!! It offered the easiest way to assess students' learning! Options such as randomizing questions, offering partial credit for re-takes, or having questions read out loud to students offered some needed differentiation and encouragement to students! Enjoyed being able to look up questions based on learning standards, and the feature of sharing all materials with my co-teacher so we both had access! Wonderful resource!

Audra Murphy Teacher Patchogue-Medford HS

I had been using this platform since my school purchased this I think more than 10 years ago. It is a great tool to give assignments and assessments. It has updated questions of all topics based from the Regents in many subjects. It has thousands of questions, ELL friendly with translations, and explanations too whenever the student got the answer right or wrong. The student can also have their own Self Study and Practice Questions. I can also use this platform to discuss with the students certain questions that most students did not do right in their exams. During this remote teaching, this platform is really great tool for the teacher as well as for the students to become actively engaged with the material. The students also have a chance to answer the second time if they get the wrong answer the first time, so they are motivated to think and try again for the best answer. I recommend this platform to any teachers on Earth who are doing either fully remote or blended or full in-person instruction. This is awesome!!!

Dionisia Viloria Teacher Hillcrest HS

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