It’s really great to finally find something that works this well! Technically, Castle Learning is one of the best programs I’ve ever worked with… I have worked with teachers setting up class lists and creating assignments; this too works remarkably well. Technical support from Castle Learning is terrific; they respond immediately to e-mails, yet most of the information I need is in their well written user guides.

Joan Semrau Computer Support Specialist Brighton Central School District

Our teachers and students have been using Castle Learning since 2002. Each year brings more positive changes to the web site, and more eager teachers/students take advantage of this convenient and effective learning tool. All of our students have learning difficulties to overcome, and many have found Castle Learning a welcome relief from the typical frustration of group review. Those who need additional reading support or auditory feedback use a text-to-speech program to interact with the web site and have full control over the pace of the review. Keep up the great work & we’ll keep making excellent use of this invaluable resource.

Edina Fitzpatrick Instructional Technology Coordinator The Norman Howard School Rochester, NY

Castle Learning has been very beneficial for our students. Not only has it fit into our AIS program and classrooms, the students are also using it in the convenience of their own homes after school hours.

Daniel Stone Technology Coordinator Addison High School

We demonstrated three different review programs to the kids [including a well-known company’s on-line product] and let them pick which they wanted to use. Your on-line program has been hands down, the most inviting … the format and helps are great … a Great Product!

Robert Ringer Director of Technology Naples High School

This is awesome! We’re amazed at how many students are on-line before school and over the weekend.

Jacques (Jack) Monica Director of Information Systems Central Square School District

As Learning Through Technology Coordinator for our district, I was the primary person responsible for the trial implementation of Castle Learning last year. Now that I have some experience with Castle Learning, here is how I justify the cost to administration: Instant feedback – Students know right away whether they are correct or wrong. This provides immediate learning for those who want to learn. The hints and information for each question are great learning tools that students can use with or without the teacher. When I surveyed the students, this was the feature they liked best. Independent review – Students will go online and do their own practice sessions. I have one girl who isn’t officially enrolled with any teacher, yet she has been on Castle Learning already for 29 sessions. She’s my 3rd highest student user! Real Regents questions – It’s our hope that by having students use actual Regent’s questions throughout the year, they will be familiar with the format and the types of questions, and will be able to process the question better to spend more time on the actual solution. This was the second feature most liked by students. Teacher time – Castle Learning is fairly easy to set up and monitor. Teachers can let the computer give the feedback and scores. The teacher can focus on evaluating trends in class responses to see what topic areas need more review time for a class as a whole. Why review content they already grasp? They can even look at individual student progress for students who need extra help, a great asset for at-risk students. More time on task – Reality: Students don’t like to review and they don’t like to take tests. Most students prefer doing the online questions partly for the ease of use as well as the instant feedback. The Internet is a part of their lives; something most of them have grown up with. They also like the flexibility of working on the assignments at school or at home. They can have the flexibility of answering part of the questions and then going back to answer the rest. By making review less painful, students are more willing to use Castle Learning independently. Ongoing review – Most teachers tend to spend a majority of review time at the end of the year. Review can be an ongoing process of all learned topics throughout the year. We hope this will also reduce some test anxiety. Ongoing review will hopefully keep information fresh for the students so less time needs to be spent reviewing at the end of the year. They like it! – I have the flexibility of working with many teachers and have access to various labs in the High School. Both teachers and students have responded enthusiastically to Castle Learning. How refreshing it is to have students who like to review!

Patti Sullivan Learning Through Technology Coordinator Hilton CSD Hilton, New York