I use Castle Learning in a variety of different ways. We use Castle Learning by topic to review and I love that you can select specific learning standards and topics to create assignments. We also develop assessments on particular topics and I love being able to select specific terms to search for questions. I also use it to differentiate my review for students; for example if I have a student with reading comprehension difficulty then I can go through and select reading passages for that student to practice with. I also love that there are multiple review assignments for each topic so that if a student doesn't do well on a particular topic standard, I can easily give a retest. My students love that there are actual practice Regents available so that they can take a couple of practice tests before the real thing.

Pamela Carnes Teacher Southwestern Central HS

I actually can't think of a single suggestion to improve Castle Learning!!!! I absolutely love how it gives hints if the child is wrong then explains right & wrong answers. It works beautifully for grammar & punctuation skills & check-ins. It grades itself & even tells you if the child got it right on the 2nd try (I make those 1/2 credit once I start counting the grades). I love it just the way it is!!

Gina Scaglione Teacher Comsewogue John F. Kennedy MS

I had been using this platform since my school purchased this I think more than 10 years ago. It is a great tool to give assignments and assessments. It has updated questions of all topics based from the Regents in many subjects. It has thousands of questions, ELL friendly with translations, and explanations too whenever the student got the answer right or wrong. The student can also have their own Self Study and Practice Questions. I can also use this platform to discuss with the students certain questions that most students did not do right in their exams. During this remote teaching, this platform is really great tool for the teacher as well as for the students to become actively engaged with the material. The students also have a chance to answer the second time if they get the wrong answer the first time, so they are motivated to think and try again for the best answer. I recommend this platform to any teachers on Earth who are doing either fully remote or blended or full in-person instruction. This is awesome!!!

Dionisia Viloria Teacher Hillcrest HS

What a lifesaver Castle Learning is for a quick assessment of my students' learning! Castle Learning offers hints when the student chooses the wrong answer and allows them to try the question again. The best part... Castle Learning quickly grades the assignment for you! With this crazy hybrid school year in the COVID times, an online assignment that students can do remotely for a quick grade is a blessing to my life.

Mary Clyde Teacher Lockport HS

The new school year was quickly approaching and with all of the new rules and regulations, we needed something that could help identify our students' weaknesses. Something fast, easy, efficient, and effective. Castle Learning was our answer. After creating a Pre-Algebra review, we were able to get immediate information on where our kids were deficient. They made it easy to review, print reports, and help communicate with the kids. Overall, it made our first week back manageable. Thank you and I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Garrett Kensy Math Teacher Amherst HS

What I love about Castle learning is it levels the playing field for struggling students to be able to learn content area material. Many of our students have special needs and English is not their primary language. The Castle Learning students are able to pace themselves and achieve academic success as a result of their involvement with Castle learning. Now more than ever we as teachers can use these tools to instill and inspire lifelong learning in our students.

Gladys Sotomayor Teacher William E. Grady HS