Thank you so much for your assistance establishing the Single Sign On (SSO) through ClassLink. You are the seventh application we have added to our ClassLink SSO - and apparently, the seventh time is the charm. The process was seamless. Ron and Deanna at Castle Learning conferenced with ClassLink to share the data needed to create the LTI application. A follow-up call between me, Ron and Deanna established the data link, verified the data format, and addressed basic questions. Castle Learning support made this effortless. Again, thank you!

Cuyle Rockwell District Communications and Data Privacy Coordinator Central Valley CSD

My daughter attends Paul V. Moore HS in Central Square. She loves the review questions on Castle Learning. She has found Castle Learning a very valuable study tool. She uses the site frequently to review for tests, beginning with the easy questions and working up to the more difficult questions. She feels that often the questions she has on tests parallel questions she sees on Castle Learning. She is one of the top students in her class and she attributes some of her success to studying using Castle Learning.

Kathy Finnerty Curriculum Specialist Oswego County BOCES

Thank you very much for your help with accessing our son’s account so that he can keep up with his studies over the summer. We took some sample tests ourselves to familiarize ourselves with your site and were very impressed! The hint and reasons for the answers are great tools. This is one of the best educational sites we have been on. Our son also is impressed with your site and appreciates its student friendliness.

Paul & Deborah Meissner Parents Newburgh, NY

I just want to take this opportunity to tell you again how much your website has helped my daughter through high school. She started out in special education classes, and with the help of your website, she has passed (with good grades) all of her regents examinations. She is in all mainstream classes and is now taking chemistry. Thank you again.

Anonymous Math Teacher Bronx Leadership Academy

Thank you for providing such a powerful tool for my studying. I’m a 10th grade student and I recently created a practice Chemistry quiz in preparation for my midterm. Your questions have been indispensable in studying for tests. After teachers have given out all practice problems and worksheets, I can make these tests that always shock me with their complete correspondence to in class lessons. Thanks again for helping me reach so many great high school test grades.

G.S. Student Brighton HS

Dear Professor Bill: I am writing to convey to you how valuable Castle Learning has been in the academic improvement of my son, who has just finished his 9th grade year at Hoggard High School in Wilmington, N.C. He has made tremendous improvement this year in science and math while utilizing Castle Learning under the guidance and encouragement of Hoggard staff. Castle Learning allowed him the flexibility to work on skills away from the formality of the school day and to work at his own pace. I am proud of my son’s advancement this year in developing his academic skills with the assistance of his Hoggard mentors and your software, but most importantly, someone I love deeply gained confidence in his own ability to learn and achieve. That cannot be measured in GPA or letter grades, but as Einstein said, not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted, counts. You are doing good, important work. I wanted to let you know.

Alvin E. (Buddy) Milliken, Jr. Parent Shallotte, NC

Mentor Their Children

Mentoring as a parent continues from elementary years through high school and beyond.

  • See what assignments are incomplete
  • Review completed assignments with your child(ren)
  • Track achievements and encourage positive results

Stay Involved

Staying involved can be challenging, but we’ve worked diligently to make it as easy as possible with Castle Learning.

  • Collaborate with teachers on assignments
  • Send messages to teachers from your child’s/children’s accounts
  • Utilize online technology and resources from home

Reinforce Learning

Rest assured that with Castle Learning, you can reinforce instruction even if you aren’t well-versed on a subject.

  • Hints provide clues to help students reach the correct answers
  • Reasons explain why a correct answer is correct
  • Related vocabulary makes a great study aid and reinforces key terms for comprehension

Use Today’s Technology

We live in an “on-the-go” world. Castle Learning can help your child(ren) whenever and wherever they are connected to the internet.

  • No software download required
  • Access 24/7/365 from computer, tablet, or handheld device
  • Mobile site optimized for Smartphone interfaces

Practice Makes Perfect

At Castle Learning, we believe practice is the key to success. Our content library makes practicing easy and effective.

  • Assist with determining content for practice based on assignment reports
  • Develop practice and/or review assignments for/with your child(ren) using Castle Learning content
  • Elementary and Intermediate students can practice an unlimited number of Math Skills questions
  • Review past assignments to help prepare for state testing

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