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Check out our Checklist ChallengeAs a teacher, finding resources to help support your instruction so that you can in turn help your students academically grow can be challenging.

Castle Learning strives to provide high-quality content, authored by educators, so that you can focus your efforts on helping your students achieve academic success.

Teachers can easily search for content related questions within Castle Learning to create their own assignments, or access pre-built, “ready-to-go” activities and assessments. Instant grading, detailed assessment reports, and instructional feedback are benefits that save time and improve academic success.


Questions are also aligned to topics, rigor and state or national standards so you can analyze assessment data to ensure positive progress and differentiate additional instruction as needed. Subscriptions to Castle Learning can be purchased by one subject or access to the whole suite of courses.  One low per student cost can unleash the power of Castle Learning is one yearly, budget-friendly investment.



Curious how Castle Learning compares to other instructional support platforms? Check out our Checklist Challenge!

  • In-GRADING.png INSTANT GRADING Students receive real time results. Teachers know how each student is performing, while reducing time grading and assessing. That means more time to focus on students.
  • QUESTIONS-book.png QUESTIONSIN VARIOUS SUBJECTS Castle Learning is continuously adding and aligning questions in Math, English, Science and Social Studies.
  • TRACKING.png PROGRESSTRACKING Determine achievement by Core or state standards. Meet or exceed district goals by analyzing results early and adopting action plans.
  • ASSIGNMENT.png ASSIGNMENTSHARING Teachers using our software can share assignments within their department, a feature that saves time and encourages collaboration.
  • FEEDBACK.png INSTRUCTIONALFEEDBACK Our system is designed to promote continuous learning. When students work on an assignment or test, if they make an incorrect answer, hints and vocabulary help them improve their knowledge and understanding. An instructional “reason” is also provided to support the correct answer.
Supporting-Classroom-Instruction.png Quickly Create Assignments read more Less

The Castle Learning Content Team continually strives to release appropriate, quality questions for educators to use in assignments and/or tests. With Castle Learning:

  • You can create your own assignments using our database of over 135,000 questions
  • You can select “ready-to-go” assignments compiled by our educational authors
  • You can create your own, personalized databank of questions, flashcards and instructional documents (PowerPoint, MP3/MP4, URL, PDF).
  • Students can participate online from any internet connected device or offline on paper
  • You can incorporate the integration of GradeCam for paper based activities or tests
Homework-Assignments.png Differentiate Instruction read more Less

Each student learns at a different pace from the rest, and we understand the challenges of differentiating instruction for individual students. Use Castle Learning to:

  •  to an individual’s needs
  • Utilize questions 
  •  to determine areas of strength and areas of improvement
  • Utilize  features for increased student accessibility
  • Mix content from multiple course areas for 
Benchmark-Common-Assessments.png Share the Workload read more Less

Creating common assessments for curriculum departments or for school-wide deployment is easy with Castle Learning.

  • Share assignments with other teachers within the school or district
  • Create common/benchmark assessments to be published as a school or district-wide test
  • Collaborate on assessments or utilize for co-teaching environments
Self-generated-Student-Practice.png Grade Instantly read more Less

One of the greatest benefits of Castle Learning is the instant grading feature.


  • Eliminate hours of manual grading
  • Use data to monitor results and drive instruction
  • Students receive immediate instructional feedback with hints and reasons to reinforce instruction
  • Grade constructed response (extended response) questions online with ease
Response-To-Intervention-RtI.png One Resource, Multiple Uses read more Less

Flexibility is an integral part of the program. Teachers have used Castle Learning for much more than homework and tests.

  • Use for classroom instruction, response to intervention (RtI), and common assessments
  • Meet Special Education (Exceptional Learner) needs
  • Flipped classroom delivery
  • Utilize the year-long subscription for summer activities
  • Encourage parent participation in education
  • Hold class elections or student surveys
Let Us Teach You How Easy It Is To

Differentiate Instruction


Quickly Create Assignments


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