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When is the last time you checked the pulse of your schools' physical and health education programs? In today's fast-paced academic culture, where PE and health programs are often shoved to the back-burner, Castle Learning offers PE and Health Education software add-ons tailored to the needs of students, teachers and district-wide independent study programs.


Instructional PE & Health Education for K-12 Learners

Administrators, parents, teachers and students appreciate the intrinsic learning support and assessments built into Castle Learning's PE and Health Education material add-on. These augmentations make it possible for students to experience a flexible, personally-directed learning dynamic.


Whether teachers are looking for a more integrated means to explore physical education and health, or want to support students who are physically unable to participate in the traditional PE curriculum, materials presented in our PE and Health add-on provide age-appropriate content, covering a variety of physical education and health-related topics, including:


  • Health & fitness fundamentals
  • Personal health & fitness goals
  • Introductions to a myriad of physical activities from walking, running and swimming, to competitive sports such as soccer, basketball, golf and racquet sports
  • Mental & emotional health
  • Family living & healthy relationships
  • Nutrition & weight management
  • First aid & safety
  • And more!

Our innovative software is designed to work across the spectrum of desktop and mobile devices - an internet connection is all that is required.


Practical & Integrated PE & Health Lessons - Loaded with Learning Support

Just like Castle Learning's traditional English, Math, Social Studies and Foreign Language software packages, the Physical Education and Health add-on comes loaded with practical lessons that can be integrated into students' everyday life.


This includes things like:

  • Vocabulary highlights
  • Built-in learning support
  • Intuitive topic organization
  • Content that is divided into small, digestible pieces
  • Relevant, data-driven resources and information
  • Access to over 4,000 standard-aligned PE and Health questions that reinforce concepts and assess student learning

The PE and Health curriculum is ideal for:

  • Students who are physically unable to complete traditional PE tracks
  • Students missing credits in PE & Health or other subject-specific units
  • Teachers looking for information, questions or test support for PE and health-related curricula.
  • Independent study programs

Affordable Add-On Package for Current & New Castle Learning Customers

The Physical Education and Health add-on is competitively priced:


PE or Health Only

  • $2.25/student standalone
  • $1.85/student with Castle Learning

PE and Health Combo

  • $3.50/student standalone
  • $2.50/student with Castle Learning

Experience our empowering learning software for yourself by registering for a FREE, four-week trial.

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