Middle School - Science

Middle School /  Science
The Middle School curriculum builds on the foundations established in the Elementary School curriculum. Students are exposed to the concept of the Scientific Method as well as Scientific Notation, and Significant Figures. They will better understand accuracy and precision and identifying variables and controls. Students explore the history of the Earth and its role in the Universe. Life (Biological) Science introduces the structure of the cell, cell theory, and genetics. Physical Sciences bring to light the world around them in terms of atoms and molecules as well as a better understanding of the concepts of Physics.

Introduction To Science

These introductory topics are foundational to the study of science and contribute to the development of scientific literacy. Through the understanding of scientific principles, methods, and inquiry techniques problems can be solved and new knowledge gained.

  • Accuracy/Precision
  • Density
  • Identifying Variables/Controls
  • Instrumentation/Laboratory Equipment
  • Measurement
  • Density
  • Recording/Interpreting Data
  • Scientific Method
  • Scientific Notation
  • Significant Figures
Earth-Environmental Science
Earth/Environmental Science covers a wide range of topics including the structure and components of the Earth, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Ecology
  • The Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Locating Positions on Earth
  • History Of The Earth
  • The Dynamic Earth
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Erosion & Deposition
  • Moisture, Weather, & Climate
  • Astronomy
  • The Changing Environment
Biological Science
Biological/Life Science spans a vast number of topics and skills starting with the cell, the basic building block of life, and continuing the discovery of important structures and organelles and advancing into development of organ systems. Also, included is the organisms ability to "keep healthy".
  • The Cell
  • Genetics
  • Homeostasis
  • Ecology
  • Classification
  • Animal Studies
  • Plant Studies
Physical Sciences
Phyical Science covers topics in both Chemistry and Physics. Chemistry topics range from the atom- the building block of matter-, development of the Periodic Table, and chemical reactions. Physics topics range from Newton's Laws of Motion to Energy, Electricity and Magnatism, and waves. An intoduction to Nuclear Physics is included.
  • The Atom
  • The Periodic Table
  • Physical Behavior Of Matter
  • Kinetics
  • Energy
  • Electricity And Magnetism
  • Waves