Why Castle / Administrators

You are responsible for the successes and failures of your faculty and students.

You face a number of challenges throughout the school year, perhaps the greatest of all being academic achievement.

Resources are limited, time is of the essence, and the pressure to “make the grade” is greater now than ever before. You care deeply about your faculty and students, and want to empower them in any way you can.

Castle Learning is all about providing support to teachers and students. Reduce surprises, increase performance, know where your students and teachers are according to the core or state standards — Castle Learning delivers it all in one easy to use package.



Curious how Castle Learning compares to other instructional support platforms? Check out our Checklist Challenge!

  • In-GRADING.png INSTANT GRADING Students receive real time results. Teachers know how each student is performing, while reducing time grading and assessing. That means more time to focus on students.
  • QUESTIONS-book.png QUESTIONSIN VARIOUS SUBJECTS Castle Learning is continuously adding and aligning questions in Math, English, Science and Social Studies.
  • TRACKING.png PROGRESSTRACKING Determine achievement by Core or state standards. Meet or exceed district goals by analyzing results early and adopting action plans.
  • ASSIGNMENT.png ASSIGNMENTSHARING Teachers using our software can share assignments within their department, a feature that saves time and encourages collaboration.
  • FEEDBACK.png INSTRUCTIONALFEEDBACK Our system is designed to promote continuous learning. When students work on an assignment or test, if they make an incorrect answer, hints and vocabulary help them improve their knowledge and understanding. An instructional “reason” is also provided to support the correct answer.
Supporting-Classroom-Instruction.png Evaluate Progress read more Less

Evaluating progress throughout the year is essential to staying on target for school and district-wide goals and objectives. You need access to information that can give you the big picture of how your students are performing with the ability to drill down for more specific details.


Growth Reporting

If your teachers are responsible for measuring and reporting the growth for student learning objectives/outcomes, you can help them save time with our customizable growth report.

Compare the results of two assignments by:

  • Core or state standards
  • Curriculum topics
  • Rigor - Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

You can use the report for pre-test and post-test comparisons for the entire district down to the student level, as well as for comparisons between baseline and check-in formative assessments throughout the year. Both administrator and teacher account types have access to the growth report so that everyone can use data to measure progress and drive instruction.

  • Analyze data by student, standard, teacher, building or district
  • Easily monitor activity
Homework-Assignments.png Maximize Effectiveness read more Less

One of the greatest benefits of using Castle Learning is that it gives teachers more time to teach and assess. Teachers can quickly and easily search for content within Castle Learning to create their own assignments, or access pre-built, “ready-to-go” assignments and assessments. Questions are automatically scored in Castle Learning (with the exception of constructed response and/or document based questions) which both saves the teacher time and also provides the student with immediate feedback!

  • Teachers spend less time scoring and more time teaching and assessing
  • Teachers have access to over 135,000 standard aligned questions
  • Questions are accompanied by hints, reasons, and related vocabulary to give each student an additional learning opportunity
Benchmark-Common-Assessments.png Stretch the Budget read more Less

Stretching the budget dollar is more important now than ever before. It is important to choose a solution that provides flexibility and productivity. Castle Learning does that!

  • Access to all subjects at all levels are included; great for helping teachers differentiate instruction
  • The tool can be utilized for: homework; quizzes; tests; benchmark/common assessments; response to intervention (RtI); student generated sessions and more, eliminating the need for multiple resources
  • Complimentary staff development and training workshops*
  • Customer support is available for all users from 8am to 8pm EST
  • Pay only for student accounts; teachers and administrators receive complimentary accounts
*Site License minimum subscription required for complimentary training
Self-generated-Student-Practice.png Administrator Common Assessment read more Less

Common assessments (benchmark assessments) are an easy “check-in” to ensure that students are making progress throughout the year so as to avoid academic “surprises” at the end of the year. Teachers and administrators report that Castle Learning is an excellent common assessment tool.

  • Evaluate academic progress by common or core standards
  • Meet or exceed district goals by analyzing results early and adopting action plans
  • Administrators have a “bird’s eye” view of common assessment results
  • Both online and offline administration options are available
Response-To-Intervention-RtI.png Implement Seamlessly read more Less

When you invest in Castle Learning, we make a promise to invest in your teachers.


  • Complimentary staff development and training workshops are available for district and building site license access.
  • Customer support is available for all users from 8am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday (July & August 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday)
  • Hands-on workshops help create comfort and familiarity
  • Monthly webinars focus on specific features of Castle Learning
  • Video tutorials are available 24/7/365
Let Us Teach You How Easy It Is To

Stretch the Budget


Implement Seamlessly


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