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  • "Teaching will never be an easy profession. However, as technology continues to progress at an exponential rate, online resources like Castle Learning can make certain aspects of the profession easier"

Dr. William Hahn

Special Education teacher,  Massapequa High School in Massapequa, New York

Analyzing students’ strengths and weaknesses is both important and time consuming. Assembling questions into an assessment, having students complete that assessment, and then grading that assessment all requires time, and all that must happen before an educator can even begin to analyze the data from that assessment! For Dr. William Hahn, a Special Education teacher at Massapequa High School in New York, the frustration of simply not having enough time to assess his students as regularly or effectively as he would have liked was a common one in the past.


"Before Castle Learning, I had tried using Excel spreadsheets to do item analysis, and I had spend a great deal of time collecting Regents questions and grading practice quizzes. Because there are only so many hours in the day, this resulted in me not conducting the type and amount of assessment as I would have liked to be able to do."


I love Castle Learning because they make it easier to be a great teacher. Constant assessment and refinement is key, and Castle Learning facilitates just that.

You can imagine (and some of you can relate to) how Dr. Hahn felt as he input exam responses into a spreadsheet and manually worked through the data. “After assembling the questions, and having the students complete them, then a given test could yield 100 or so tests to grade, which would also be very time-consuming.” In addition, exams are only one piece of the data puzzle, and using a manual method of collecting and analyzing questions on a diagnostic level made it “practically impossible to analyze every student’s weaknesses on a regular basis.”


Dr. Hahn learned of Castle Learning through other teachers at his school, and began incorporating it into his instructional plans more each year. Over time he grew to appreciate multiple functions of the assessment platform. He shared a few of his favorites:


”I love that Castle Learning has historical versions of the NYS Regents examinations available as question banks. This makes it extremely easy to assign an entire regents, or just a portion of one to practice for state exams. I also love that Castle Learning gives me the ability to search through the question banks by key words in order to build my own topical question banks. This allows me to quickly assemble practice questions or quizzes focused on a particular unit. Finally I think it is great that Castle Learning allows for a whole-class items analysis of a quiz. This feature allows me to easily focus on the topics or questions which students really need to work on.”


When asked what specific problems has Castle Learning addressed that other teachers might be able to relate to, Mr. Hahn expressed “Castle Learning is a huge win for teachers who want to assess their students regularly, but just don’t have the time to be constantly grading and doing item analysis. I think most teachers can relate to this issue.”


”I love Castle Learning because they make it easier to be a great teacher. Constant assessment and refinement is key, and Castle Learning facilitates just that.”


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