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  • "For all students, especially those that struggle, I highly recommend Castle Learning"

Randy Palladino

LCS Assistant Principal,  Alt. Ed. Principal

As a classroom teacher at the high school and collegiate levels, and as a middle-high school administrator, I would like to take this opportunity to express my enormous satisfaction in the Castle Learning Program. To effectively demonstrate the impact using Castle Learning can have, I would like to tell the real life story of a Lyndonville student this past year.

We had a student who was a senior at risk of not graduating and quite likely dropping out of school. This was a student who was not successful in the traditional classroom or school setting. He had experienced numerous failures and setbacks in school particularly with two NYS Regents Exams. Without passing these exams he would not graduate. With little hope of completing his senior course requirements and passing the remaining two Regents exams, he chose to leave school in favor of working. Together, our guidance counselor and I convinced him to attend our alternative education program to fulfill his mandated course requirements, which he completed.

Our final hurdle was the two Regents exams in Algebra and Living Environment, courses that he took three years prior. His saving grace was Castle Learning. Each night he would use Castle Learning to review course materials and complete practice questions selected by our faculty members. He worked at home each day for six weeks preparing for the exams.

I am happy to report that he passed both with flying colors and has since been handed his NYS High School Diploma. Over and above this accomplishment, was the sense of pride shown by this student reaching what seemed to him an unattainable goal. For all students, especially those that struggle, I highly recommend Castle Learning.