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The year 1990!  Castle Learning was the vision of two New York State teachers and a computer programmer who wanted to leverage technology to help students prepare for end-of-year testing.  

By the Millenium (2000) the movement from floppy disk to the world wide web was in full motion. The Castle Learning Team knew that remaining a viable educational resource the online platform was the future. The Castle Learning web-platform was released and the pathway continues!

Fast forward to today! Castle Learning is leading the way in supporting daily classroom instruction. The educational demands on teachers and students require resources which can help students academically grow and increase teacher effectiveness throughout the school year. These priorities are a primary mission of Castle Learning!

The Castle Learning Team is made up of former and current educators who focus on content design, application and data analysis to help drive and differentiate instruction. The technology platform provides instant feedback to assist all users including students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Castle Learning’s new student portal helps meet the new demand for Personalized Instruction. The resource is available 24/7 from any Internet-connected device. The student can receive teacher assigned activities or conduct a session in a self-study mode. The self-assessment allows the student to analyze their academic achievement.  

The Castle Learning Team focuses on keeping content current, aligned and rigorous. The technology is flexible to select from pre-design sessions or develop assignments from the ground up. Castle Learning’s teacher platform provides easy differentiation and easy-to-read assessment data.  

Over 1 million students and thousands of teachers are using Castle Learning regularly as part of their academic assets.  The Castle Learning Team is proud to be a Top 100 DA Educational Product which helps keep the teacher’s toolbox current and relevant!

“The prestigious acknowledgment is given annually to K-12 education products that have supported education innovation. The winners were selected by the editors of District Administration from hundreds of nominations submitted by readers, including school superintendents and district-level directors in districts across the United States. The winning products were determined by the quantity of nominations received per product, as well as an evaluation of product quality based upon readers’ nominations and explanations…”

Our Mission

Castle Learning strives to provide high-quality content, authored by educators, so that you can focus your efforts on helping your students achieve academic success.