Freak the Mighty

Middle SchoolEnglish  /  The Diary of Anne Frank (Stage Play)

“Learning disabled and physically overgrown Max has no friends until a tiny and brilliant boy moves into the house next door. The two misfits forge a friendship that gives them enough courage to face school, bullies, and even Max’s jailed father. The inspiration for the feature film The Mighty, this moving and funny story will inspire any kid who’s ever felt like an outsider.”

Book description from Scholastic

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Breakdown of topical questions:

  • Chapter 1-4: Friendship Established
  • Chapter 5-7: Birth of Freak the Mighty
  • Chapter 8-11: Quests
  • Chapter 12-15: Killer Kane appears
  • Chapter 16-18: Adventure with Killer Kane I
  • Chapter 19-21: Adventure with Killer Kane II
  • Chapter 22 and End of Novel: Kevin’s Problems

Common Core Standards addressed by questions about Freak the Mighty :

  • L. 6.4
  • L. 6.5
  • L. 6.6
  • RL. 6.1
  • RL. 6.2
  • RL. 6.3
  • RL. 6.4
  • RL. 6.5
  • RL. 6.6
  • RL. 6.9