Things Fall Apart

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“Things Fall Apart tells two intertwining stories, both centering on Okonkwo, a “strong man” of an Ibo village in Nigeria. The first, a powerful fable of the immemorial conflict between the individual and society, traces Okonkwo’s fall from grace with the tribal world. The second, as modern as the first is ancient, concerns the clash of cultures and the destruction of Okonkwo’s world with the arrival of aggressive European missionaries. These perfectly harmonized twin dramas are informed by an awareness capable of encompassing at once the life of nature, human history, and the mysterious compulsions of the soul.”

Book description from Random House

You can access 262 questions about Things Fall Apart in Castle Learning.


Teachers will find a combination of question types available to assess comprehension of Things Fall Apart, including: multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, and constructed/extended response and graphic organizers.



Breakdown of topical questions:

  • Chapters 1-13
  • Chapters 14-19
  • Chapters 20-25
  • Chapters 17-20
  • End of Novel

Common Core Standards addressed by questions about Things Fall Apart:

  • L. 11-12.4
  • RL. 11-12.1
  • RL. 11-12.2
  • RL. 11-12.3
  • RL. 11-12.4
  • RL. 11-12.5
  • RL. 11-12.6
  • RL.9-10.1
  • RL.9-10.2
  • RL.9-10.3
  • RL.9-10.4
  • RL.9-10.5
  • W.9-10.1
  • W.9-10.4
  • W.9-10.9
  • W.11-12.1
  • W.11-12.4
  • W.11-12.9