The Elementary School Curriculum is designed to provide students with a basic introduction to social studies skills and concepts. The database includes introductory questions about Basic Concepts & Skills, American History, Culture & Civilization, Government & Citizenship, and Geography & Map Skills.


Question types include drag-and-drop, drop down menu, multiple choice, multiple checkbox, and short answer to better assess students with various learning styles and abilities.

Maps, charts, cartoons, photographs, drawings, diagrams, graphic organizers, outlines, quotations, and timelines are included on many questions so students can learn how to use various stimuli to expand knowledge and information when answering question prompts. Questions cover a range of Bloom’s Cognitive, Bloom’s Knowledge, and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels.


Click on the tabs and links below to learn more about the Elementary School Social Studies topical areas inside Castle Learning.


Basic Concepts & Skills

These introductory topics allow students to answer questions about simple social studies ideas, like identifying types of sources, or understanding chronology and timelines.

  • Studying Books & Other Sources
  • Chronology
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American History

From Native Americans to recent events, these topics span the history of the United States. Simple questions assess a basic framework of knowledge that young students can build on in the future
  • Early America (Beginnings to 1492)
  • Exploration, Colonization & Settlement (1492-1763)
  • Revolutionary War (1763-1783)
  • The New Nation (1783-1815)
  • Expansion, Reform & Controversy (1815-1860)
  • Civil War & Reconstruction (1850-1877)
  • Rise of Industrial America (1860-1900)
  • Progressivism and War (1880-1920)
  • Between the Wars (1920-1939)
  • World War II (1930s-1945)
  • Cold War Era (1945-1970s)
  • Contemporary Era (1970s-Present)

Culture & Civilization

Topics in these categories focus on the big ideas that young students learn when first introduced to other cultures and civilizations. Questions focus on art, literature, and celebrations in different communities
  • Defining Culture & Civilization
  • Understanding Culture Through Art & Literature
  • Characteristics of Different Communities
  • Impact of Technology on our World
  • International Holidays & Festivals

Government & Citizenship

Introductory knowledge about civic engagement, patriotic symbols, local and national governments, elections, and significant documents are topics that are stressed at the elementary level
  • Citizenship Knowledge
  • United States Government
  • Global Government
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Geography & Map Skills

Students who are learning to read and understand maps can answer questions about geographic locations and features. Topics also include the five themes of geography and effects of human-environmental interactions.
  • Basic Concepts
  • Map Skills
  • Human-Environmental Interactions
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