Elementary - Science

Elementary /  Science

Elementary Science is targeted to grades 3-5 and provides an introduction to many basic concepts.


  • Process Skills covers safety procedures; laboratory tools; ordering/sequencing, classifying,
  • Comparing and contrasting; cause/effect relationships; experimental data, results and predictions
  • The Physical Setting covers seasons; weather; the water cycle; properties of matter; energy
  • The Living Environment covers living/non-living things; genetic information; change over time;
  • Life cycles and life spans; human growth



Many questions in Elementary Science include illustrations to provide a visually engaging environment for students.

Science topics

Science topics provide an excellent supplemental resource for Science teachers. The list continues to grow, so check this section often and/or subscribe to our blog for the latest news!

Introduction To Science

  • Cause/Effect Relationships
  •  Classifying Objects
  •  Density
  •  Identifying Variables/Controls
  •  Instrumentation/Laboratory Equipment
  •  Measurement
  •  Percent Error
  •  Recording/Interpreting Data
  •  Safety
  •  Scientific Method

Earth/Environmental Science