The Checklist Challenge

The top educators know the need for having a fully stocked toolbox that allows them to best help their students succeed. The number of tools that are available to teachers today is higher than ever, especially thanks to top of the line resource programs. However, not all of these programs give teachers everything they could potentially need. Teachers need a multitude of options to help develop instruction, tests, exams and homework assignments, and they need products that offer all of these options at their fingertips.


With so many to choose from, how does a teacher know they are being given the best advantages? Figuring out what one might be missing from their toolbox can be overwhelming, which is why Castle Learning has started the Checklist Challenge. This a chance for teachers to take a close look at what their products offer and compare and see if they’re getting all they can.


Castle Learning is proud of the many features and options that come standard. The checklist comes from the collection of tools that Castle Learning customers have access to. For the Castle Learning customer, it can be used to refresh educators on what tools they have at their disposal. For prospective Caste Learning users, it’s a way to compare and see how much more they have to gain.


Broken down into three major categories of resources, the checklist helps educators look at all the various potential tools they could be applying to their classroom. The categories are:


  • Content Applications
  • Question Formats
  • Uses

There’s no reason to be missing any of the items highlighted on this essentials checklist. Castle Learning has them all. So take this opportunity to see what tools you could be using right now. Your opportunity to help your students is available today.


Take Castle Learning’s Checklist Challenge now and find out if your toolbox has everything you need to help your students succeed to their highest potential.

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