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When it gets right down to it, you can learn about our team in 5, straightforward sentences.

  • We love students and teachers
  • We love learning
  • We love teaching
  • We love technology
  • We love combining students, teachers, learning, teaching and technology to foster remarkable academic success!

Perhaps that's why Castle Learning is able to celebrate a 95% customer renewal rate year after year.


Education Created By Educators and For Educators

The team here at Castle Learning have our feet deeply rooted in the foundation of engaging education - we are all educators after all.


From that firm anchor, we eagerly forge ahead selecting the most innovative, technological fruits - transforming them so students and teachers can cultivate a successful classroom culture.

“The prestigious acknowledgment is given annually to K-12 education products that have supported education innovation. The winners were selected by the editors of District Administration from hundreds of nominations submitted by readers, including school superintendents and district-level directors in districts across the United States. The winning products were determined by the quantity of nominations received per product, as well as an evaluation of product quality based upon readers’ nominations and explanations…”

Our Mission

Castle Learning strives to provide high-quality content, authored by educators, so that you can focus your efforts on helping your students achieve academic success.