A Separate Peace

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“Gene was a lonely, introverted intellectual. Phineas was a handsome, taunting, daredevil athlete. What happened between them at school one summer during the early years of World War II is the subject of A Separate Peace. A great bestseller for over thirty years–one of the most starkly moving parables ever written of the dark forces that brood over the tortured world of adolescence.”

Book description from Random House


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Breakdown of topical questions:

  • Chapters 1-2: Introduction to Gene and Finny
  • Chapters 3-4: The Rivalry
  • Chapter 5: Confronting Finny
  • Chapter 6: Gene starts his Senior Year
  • Chapter 7: Finny Returns
  • Chapters 8-9: Finny
  • Chapters 10-11: Reality Sets In
  • Chapter 12-End of Novel: Something Ignorant in the Human Heart

Common Core Standards addressed by questions about A Separate Peace:

  • L. 11-12.1
  • L. 11-12.3
  • L. 11-12.4
  • RL. 11-12.1
  • RL. 11-12.2
  • RL. 11-12.3
  • RL. 11-12.4
  • RL. 11-12.5
  • RL. 11-12.6
  • RL. 11-12.9